consulLazy offers consulting services related to using and implementing the electronic Clinical Quality Measures (eCQMs). Specifically, Lazy provides guidance in the following areas: successful development eCQM specifications using the Measure Authoring Tool (MAT) and the Value Set Authority Center (VSAC) and testing of eCQM specifications using tools such as Bonnie. eCQM development support includes guidance on correct usage of technical standards such as the Quality Data Model, Health Quality Measure Format, and Quality Reporting Document Architecture. support for preparing for submission to the National Quality Forum (NQF) for evaluation.

NQF submission support includes guidance on eCQM specific requirements for feasibility, reliability, and validity testing.

Training staff on how to use eCQM standards including HQMF, QDM, and QRDA Strategic guidance on how eCQMs and eCQM standards impacts other business areas and products

Lazy Corporation is registered as a Small Business with the US Small Business Administration and services fall under the 541512 NAICS code

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